Getting Back Together: A Honest Review of The Ex Factor 2.0 Program

Breaking up is hard, and winning back an ex can be even harder. In this article, we’ll explore the intricacies of relationship coach Brad Browning’s program, “The Ex Factor,” designed to guide individuals through the challenging journey of getting back with their ex. Let’s delve into the key aspects of the program and understand why it’s gaining attention.

What is The Ex Factor?

The Ex Factor is not just a program; it’s a digital roadmap meticulously crafted by Brad Browning. This comprehensive system aims to provide a step-by-step guide for individuals navigating the complex terrain of rekindling a romance with an ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend.

Program Goals

The primary objectives of The Ex Factor include:

  1. Understanding the breakup’s root causes.
  2. Shifting negative perceptions of oneself and the relationship.
  3. Rebuilding attraction and reigniting the spark.
  4. Avoiding destructive behaviors that contribute to breakups.
  5. Effective communication to showcase positive changes.

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Meet Brad Browning

The Man Behind the Program

Brad Browning, a seasoned relationship coach and breakup expert, is the brains behind The Ex Factor. With over a decade of experience in relationship counseling, Browning adopts a realistic and straightforward approach, steering clear of false promises. His focus is on providing practical advice and proven techniques.

What’s Included in The Ex Factor Program?

The Toolbox for Relationship Repair

The Ex Factor is a multimedia program comprising:

  1. The Main eBook: A 220-page guide delving into breakup analysis, psychology, and rebuilding trust.
  2. Comprehensive Audio Course: Over 8 hours of audio content reinforcing key ebook takeaways.
  3. Video Training: 3 hours of video lessons offering visual demonstrations, including the patented Text Judo system.
  4. Bonus Guides: Additional resources covering intrigue, creative date ideas, and mind magic.
  5. Members’ Forum + Email Coaching: Access to a private forum and limited-time email coaching from Brad Browning.

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What Sets The Ex Factor Apart?

Unveiling the Uniqueness

The Ex Factor distinguishes itself through:

  1. Gender-Specific Advice: Tailored strategies for men and women acknowledging the distinct nuances of attracting an ex.
  2. In-Depth Coverage: A deep dive into emotional and psychological aspects of post-breakup relationships.
  3. Text Judo System: A powerful arsenal of text messages designed to reignite interest and attraction.
  4. Emphasis on Behavioral Change: Recognition of personal behaviors contributing to breakups and a focus on positive change.
  5. Realistic Process: A step-by-step approach acknowledging that rebuilding takes time and effort.

Who Can Benefit from The Ex Factor?

Is It Right for You?

The Ex Factor is ideal for those who:

  • Have recently experienced an unwanted breakup.
  • Are committed to self-improvement and learning from relationship mistakes.
  • Want a customized plan for winning back a specific ex.
  • Seek expert guidance in navigating the complexities of breakup recovery.

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However, the program may not be suitable for cases involving serious betrayal, those expecting instant results, or individuals unwilling to invest effort in personal growth.

Pros and Cons of The Ex Factor

Weighing the Odds


  • Comprehensive system covering all aspects of reuniting with an ex.
  • Tailored advice for men and women.
  • In-depth coverage of emotional and psychological drivers.
  • Text message templates for sparking interest.
  • Emphasis on personal growth and behavior change.
  • Lifetime access to updates, community forum, and direct email coaching.
  • 60-day money-back guarantee.


  • Requires time and effort for full implementation.
  • Not suitable for severe breaches of trust or situations where the ex has fully moved on.
  • Best results within a few months of the breakup.

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The Ex Factor Pricing and Guarantee

Is It Worth the Investment?

The Ex Factor is priced at a reasonable $47, considering the wealth of advice, coaching, and resources provided. The program is digital, offering immediate access, and comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee, showcasing Browning’s confidence in his methods.

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The Ex Factor Review 2.0 – My Verdict

Worth Your Consideration?

The Ex Factor program offers tremendous value for those genuinely seeking another chance with their ex. While it’s not a magic solution, the comprehensive materials, gender-specific strategies, and emphasis on personal growth make it a solid investment. Success depends on applying the advice diligently, making it a worthwhile consideration for motivated individuals.

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FAQs – Your Burning Questions Answered

  1. What if my ex is already dating someone else?
    • The Ex Factor provides tips on winning back your ex, even if they’ve started a new relationship. Strategic planning can shift the dynamics in your favor over time.
  2. How soon after my breakup should I start this program?
    • Ideally, begin within a few months for the best chance of success. However, the program’s advice can be applied even years later, with adjusted expectations.
  3. How quickly will I see results?
    • Results vary, but positive changes are often noticed within 4-6 weeks. Full recovery may take 2-3 months on average.
  4. Can I use this program if I got dumped?
    • Absolutely. The Ex Factor helps understand reasons for the breakup, showcases positive changes, and makes your ex reconsider.
  5. How is the advice different for men and women?
    • The program tailors strategies based on the distinct psychology of men and women in relationships.
  6. What if I only want my ex back for physical reasons?
    • The Ex Factor focuses on renewing emotional bonds and genuine attraction, not solely physical relationships.
  7. Is there a money-back guarantee?
    • Yes, the program offers a 60-day money-back guarantee. If it doesn’t work for you, a refund can be requested.

In conclusion, The Ex Factor is a well-rounded program, but success depends on your commitment and effort. For those sincerely aiming to rebuild a relationship, it’s a tool worth considering

Getting Back Together: A Honest Review of The Ex Factor 2.0 Program
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